Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island

Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island

For homes, businesses, schools and commercial premises, our work makes a difference in your lives and the economy. After flood waters take charge in the event of a water damage, many individuals are left lamenting over the damages due to lack of knowledge on the best initiative to take in clearing the mess. The world today discourages pessimistic people thereby encouraging one to have an emergency contact to reach out for Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island. Normally, there is no time to research for new companies, and it is advisable you have knowledge of our best-suited services to curb continuation of the damages.

Water damage restoration NYC

NYC has ever since been on the rise in the number of cases relating to water damages. This comes as the city experience a major crisis in climate changes that have left global warming effects and a rise in the sea level. Storm damage that are above the maximum threshold result in heavy tides that sweep offshore causing massive destruction of properties. With the increased calamity threshold, you need to have a well-reputed and trusted partner to call on for flood clean-up NYC.

Natural calamities should be treated with urgency and proper services acquired in the most effective time limit. With, Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island, your safety is guaranteed, thus no need to be alarmed.

Get Water Damage Insurance Policy/ Claim.

NYC records water damage insurance covers as the second most frequent risks across households. With these hiked numbers, there is substantial water loss from leakages and broken pipes in homes. With no probable estimations of when and where a water calamity will hit next, it is very vital you have a trusted company with which you can wholly depend on for Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island.

We are the Best for Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island.

At SOS Restoration NY, we have retained a constantly high profile from our past experiences with water damage restoration services. It is advisable that you seek referrals from friends and family as there is minimal time to research on a variety of companies you know nothing about in emergency situations.  Again, water destruction is not something you want to attempt to clear yourself. It may seem simple, but if cleaned and removed without following the correct procedures can be detrimental to human health as well as extensive property damage due to mold and bacteria.  We know time is the biggest enemy when water invades your home, therefore, our trained staff ensures immediate evacuation of the premise, and determine the best, quickest and cost friendly way to eradicate the water and dehumidify the premise.

Mold removal NYC

Walls and surfaces may appear to be dry after water removal, but they still have retained moisture from the water floods. Molds thrive well in cold areas with enough moisture to start spore reproduction. Spores are easily dispersed through air or wind shortly after reproduction occurs within 72 hours. Upon inhalation of the spores, several health problems follow with risks increasing if no professional help is brought forth to clear the mold. Every family requires a frequent Mold Remediation in NYC.

What You Need To Know About Mold Removal NYC.

Mold is well known for its chronic health effects if left untreated. Humidity and moisture create a favorable environment for mold development. In the event of water spillage or flooding, molds tend to grow on carpets, walls and other porous materials nearby. The spores produced are microscopic and present in the air. The spores can be transmitted through clothing, blowing wind AC systems and skin contact with surfaces rich in the mold. Consequently, the presence of mold creates a foul smell that is very unpleasant to human life. This calls for immediate attention from qualified and skilled personnel.

Effects of Mold in Homes and Businesses.

The adverse effects associated with mold include skin rashes on areas that came into contact with the mold, staining of clothes leaving black spots, respiratory infections as well as nasal mucosa membrane reactions when inhaled. If any of the above symptoms persist in you or your family members, you need to immediately contact a professional mold Expert around you for help.  SOS Restoration NY offers you the best mold remediation services.

Mold has properties that make it almost invisible to the human eye. Therefore, it is hard to detect during growth. For this and many more reasons mentioned above, professional mold removal services are important. Have an expert check out your house for mold after a flood to ensure that you and your family are safe.

 Water damage cleanup

When affected by floods or water damage, you are probably confused about what to do next. If you have some tips to help you deal with the damage, then you can easily handle the situation. However, after any flooding situation at your home or office, consulting with an expert is very important. After flooding, the first step is to stop the leaking. This can be done by shutting off the main water supply to the house. When you do so, it is time to call for professional water damage cleanup.

Steps for water damage cleanup in Staten Island, NY.

All water damage cleanup projects are different. Depending on the area of the room, and time the water has stayed still. Once a professional arrives at your place, they will inspect the damage and come up with a comprehensive plan to remove the water and repair the damages. The Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island is carried out in steps. These include:


Once on the site, the first step experts take is to inspect the extent of the damage. In order to do so, they have special equipment to determine the moisture content in the house. By poking their instruments on walls, baseboards, and ceilings, they get an accurate reading on the level of moisture in the house. Depending on their readings, they can then devise the proper drying approach.


The longer the water sits, the riskier it becomes. After the right drying and dehumidifying equipment are chosen, the water is removed from your home to prevent further damage. The use of the dehumidifiers depends on the amount of time the water was still and the source of the leakage.


After removing the still water, the drying process begins. Air movers help to circulate air throughout the house. A professional Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island will know where to place the air movers to get the most saturated parts of the room. They may also use floor mats to absorb water from the floor. Professionals understand the different approaches to dry the house without demolishing it.


Drying and containment occur concurrently. This step is important as it enables the work crew to maintain a safe indoor environment and dry as fast as possible. During this process, rooms are sealed off and the heat and suction concentrated on the areas with the water.

Monitoring and completion

Monitoring is very important for any project. The crew will stop by after a certain period of time to take a look at how the drying process is going. The specialists take the readings on the exteriors, just like during the inspection phase. They then compare the new and old readings and make a full analysis. If it is fit to complete the work, repair of additional damage follows.

Flood Damage Restoration in Staten Island, NY.

Over many years, water is the single most long-term destructive substance in the indoor space. It can happen from leaking roofs, broken plumbing, melting snow or heavy rains. With the current global warming menace, we are facing, the risk of flooding has almost doubles. With the rainy days being more and the amount of rain increasing over the years, the danger of flooding is imminent.

If you own a property, you need to be ready to deal with any flood damages. It is stressful to plan for such immediately the floods occur. This is because the service providers become scarce and their services are more expensive due to demand. Planning for risk management is the best approach. When you select the company to work with before any disaster, you are bound to have a less stressful Flood damage restoration experience.

Water Extraction and Dehumidification

After flooding, the excess moisture and water can cause structural damage to walls, ceiling. The structural integrity of these constructions deteriorates rapidly. Human health is also risked as mold grows fast in such conditions. If the water is unsanitary, then the damage is amplified. Furthermore, a delay in restoration service delivery makes the problem worse. The professional Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island will mitigate the harmful effects of water.

Despite the damage being severe and extensive, with the right teams attending to your home, the results can be amazing. When the team of experts has the right set of tools, expertise, and experience handling flood damage, then you can relax. At SOS Restoration NY, we have operated in the flood restoration industry for the longest time. We know where to look, what tools to use and what techniques to employ to guarantee 100% flood restoration.

Floods mostly affect:

  • Partitioning walls, the plaster, and wood
  • The timber joist floors
  • The suspended ceilings
  • The masonry works
  • Foundation walls and ground slabs
  • Balconies, terraces, and internal walls.

All the above parts are what contribute to a house. If a flood occurs, it is important to attend to it. This way, you curb the damage before it brings the whole house down. Also, the contractor you select to repair your damages should be knowledgeable in all departments. Whether it is repair, water removal or mold remediation. Consequently, you get to save money.

Keep your family safe and protected by having an expert handle the restoration after a flood. At SOS Restoration NY, we have the best tools, expertise, and prices to restore homes damaged by floods. Call us today and receive the ultimate flood restoration experience.

Storm Damage Restoration in Staten Island, NY.

One notable factor about global warming around the world is the extreme weather conditions experienced. In preparation for the dangerous weather, a storm restoration company comes in handy. Just before the storms hit, have a plan of action to go about the damages, should they occur.

At SOS Restoration NY, we provide 24/7 emergency residential and commercial storm damage restoration services. We believe that you should go back to your life in no time. The transition should be stress-free and fast. That is why we have the best property managers to stop the damage and make necessary repairs to your home.

Factors to consider when selecting a Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island company.

Technical knowledge

The main reason for hiring a professional to handle water damage is because the technical skills to handle it effectively.  Therefore, it is important to select a company that gets the work done easier and faster. If the employees of the company have the skills to handle the damages more effectively, go for them rather than the novices who have no idea what they are doing. Skills also make the work easier, allowing for faster completion. As a result, the cost of the water damage considerably reduces.

License, insurance, and bond

As you choose the company to entrust with the restoration of your home, chose a company that is properly licensed by your state. This legalizes their activities, giving you assurance. Also, an insured company is better because they can be held responsible for the damages the cause in the course of their repairs. Is the company certified by a reputable certification program?


After a flood, many homeowners often find themselves at the mercies of scammers. When the services are in high demand, there are companies that scam people of their money. For this reason, it is important to choose a company that is reputable in your community. Ask around about the different companies, prices, quality of services and reliability. Also, it is important to know the location of the company. A local Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island is always preferred as they can be trusted easily.


Water damage advances quickly. The longer it takes to remove the water, the more the damage caused. Therefore, it is critical to have a fast response company. Does the company respond within 24 hours? How fast do they start the restoration process? Do they have the right equipment for the job? Do they offer emergency services? All these are questions that need positive answers when selecting Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island.


When getting your home in proper and safe shape after water damages, it is important to have a clear plan on how to handle the matter. You need to know how all damages are going to be tackled. The time it takes to carry out each task and the measures put in place to prevent further damage is also crucial. A reliable and well-experienced water damage restoration company will provide you with a completely accurate assessment report, the parts that need repair and the estimated cost to be incurred.

Help with the insurance claims

When choosing Water Damage Restoration in Staten Island, choose one that will help you settle your claims with your insurance company. Whether it is providing estimate losses or evidence of property destruction, the company should be responsive in helping you documented the damage and file for the claims. That way, you get honest and timely claims.


Before settling on a water restoration company, make sure they respect you and your property. Work with a company that respects your time. Your home deserves to be treated with ultimate care. Avoid frustrating and stressful companies. Choose a trustworthy, compassionate and respectful team to work with. This will help you get back to your original position in a painless, stress-free and effective method. Choose the company that creates a friendly environment and involve you during the repairs.

For all water damage restoration in Staten Island, SOS Restoration NY has got you covered. We offer quality, reliable and timely services at the most competitive prices in the market. Do not gamble with the safety of your family and property. Have experts from SOS Restoration NY respond to your emergency at any time of day, set to handle and repairs and damages of all kinds.

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